Why it’s important that you watch these teenage twins reacting to “old people music”

Why it's important at this time that you watch this kind of content

Two teenage twins reacting to Phil Collins for the first time is actually more thrilling than you’d think!

Anyone who has ever had to care for a baby knows that one of its greatest joys is introducing the baby to peanut butter. When the toddler’s eyes go wide and sometimes offer a little happy dance. That’s pure joy right there!

Watching these twins reacting to good old music gives you the same exact feels and more!


Tim and Fred Williams hailing from Gary, Indiana offer some of the most refreshing content even with the most aged of subject matter–music react videos. The airpod-clad twins of Youtube channel TwinstheNewTrend, armed with nothing but their pure appreciation for every kind of music, have been putting songs released some four decades ago back into the trending charts with their vlogs reacting to the likes of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ and Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’.

It wasn’t a swift jump to virality for these twins though, they’ve actually been posting react videos to oldies but goodies as far as 8 months ago with their vibin’ reaction to Johnny Cash’s Hurt.

Eventually, though, everybody acknowledges this content as something we all need right now. They may be younger but their content definitely teaches us valuable lessons.

Bridging Generations

This is one of the most obvious effects of young people getting up to speed with the older generation and the pop culture of their time every once in a while.


What’s refreshing about the twins’ videos in the aspect of reaching out to other generations is not so much evident in the video itself but scroll down a little bit and you’ll see a plethora of comments from baby boomers which you rarely see in content such as that and it’s just absolutely heartwarming.

Comments like “I remember when I first heard that song” stories or “I’m gonna show this to my grandkid so they take interest to songs of our time as well” or the very cute song recommendation ones. They just make everyone absolutely gush!

Finally, some genuine, light-hearted, content that bands together generations! That’s my kind of quarantainment.

Being Open To All Genres

Admittedly, race cannot be discounted in the matter of the twins’ videos. You’ll see comments like “I like how they still review it like it’s a hip hop song” and know that the get up, the vocab, and the race of the twins really play a big part in why their videos have blown up.


The biggest takeaway here aside from building bridges across generations, Tim and Fred moved our heart by building bridges across genres, cultures, and yes, race.

It was so inspiring to see all these “white boomers”, the Brendas and the Johns who you never thought you’d see in black youth content are actually avid subscribers with one such “Brenda” sharing that she’s been “watching their videos for over an hour nonstop now and I appreciate it so much!”

We really hope that the boys’ live up to their channel’s stamping in this “new trend” as a mainstay for entertainment moving forward.

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What’s your favorite video from TwinstheNewTrend?

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