Extraction is worth a shot.

If you’ve missed going to cinemas to be entertained, well, stream now on Netflix and be stunned by this film at home. This is exactly the action thriller you’d love to watch during these long quarantine weeks!

In case you didn’t know yet, this is not a superhero film starred by our beloved Avenger, Thor (Chris Hemsworth). This shares the genre’s familiar mixed morality where the protagonist will try to rescue someone but will be tortured and of course, we’ll not spoil too much. But to tell you, the film will surprise you with a bang in the very beginning, followed by a relentless pouring of blood and bombarding guns with blown-up cars.


Extraction is directed by Sam Hargrave, Marvel’s stunt coordinator, and was excellently written by Joe Russo, the co-director of those Marvel movies.  What’s more, this film stars David Harbour also from Stranger Things who eventually will play the Red Guardian, in the upcoming Marvel film, Black Widow. Look’s like there’s a little reunion of Marvel here, right?

If you’ll observe, the complex fight scenes are at the core of this film and they’re as skillfully choreographed with a great timing of camerawork. Well, heads up to Sam Hargrave who seamlessly operated the camera for 12-minute ‘oner’ and to other continuous fight scene.

“My reasoning for doing that was because of my stunt background and some of the places and ways I wanted to capture the action. I wanted to put the audience in the seat of a car with the driver, be there right next to Chris as he fights, jump with him from building to building, because I wanted it to be as if an audience member was doing this extraction with Chris Hemsworth in real-time.” expressed by Hargrave.


To be honest, that intricate art of violence looks like “Call of Duty: Warzone” outtakes. The great flow of gun battles, knife battles, hand-to-hand combat, and plenty of car chasing are truly the most eye-popping we’ve ever scene. Behind those every bone-crunching punch and intense knives fight scenes, Sam Hargrave worked also with ranks of other stuntmen including Chad Stahelski (John Wick) and David Leitch (Atomic Blonde). Knowing that fact, there’s no doubt this film would turn out to be so great!

To be fair, if you’re amazed by those stunts created by Hargrave, remember that he always wanted to be “the white Jackie Chan”. Bet that he’s stepping closer to that zone now.

What is ‘Extraction’ about?

It follows the story of Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a mercenary dispatched in India to rescue Ovi Mahajan the kidnapped son of a crime lord. This decision lands him in the middle of a war between two competing criminal organizations. With that being said, he’s totally at war with the cops who’s in cahoots with criminals and with the several children who are shooting at him.

He might look like the antagonist in the film but to the audiences, he’s just a mercenary caught up in the middle of unfortunate situations.  If you would look to the depths of the film, it would make us realize the art of violence. The intent on the story of showcasing the consequences of violence and having the perspective of who’s the bad guy and not depending on the lens we’re staring at.

To end this, Extraction is absolutely packed intense action film with a great team behind it! Well, we can’t wait for films from Sam Hargrave!

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