#BrendonUrieIsOverParty trends on Twitter today. 

Some Twitter users suddenly pull out the cancel card after one Twitter user started a thread containing a collection of Urie’s problematic statements in the past.

On a series of follow-up tweets, @dinasapphic listed down previous comments and jokes from the music artist. Some of these include an allegedly racist speech on Urie’s tour, “telling the crowd at his concert full of what he knows is minors that he will ‘fuck them whether they want him to or not‘,” and a clip of Brendon explaining the meaning of his song Miss Jackson, which @dinasapphic described as “slut-shaming women.”

@dinasapphic’s twitter thread is a long list documenting Brendon’s mistakes over the years, which some Twitter audience took as a mere result of quarantine boredom.

Someone replied to the thread: “i don’t stan brendon as much as i used to, as i’m more of just a fan of the music. it’s obvious that all of this stuff is extremely disgusting, but most of the stuff is old. people change over time. i’m not trying to say that his actions were okay, but it takes an open mind.”

Some users also pointed out that Brendon has already apologized for these mistakes, and that these statements and jokes happened in his twenties. The High Hopes hitmaker celebrated his 33rd birthday on April 12.

Cancel Culture gone too far?

Brendon Urie is the latest target of #ThisPersonIsOverParty.  Before him also came the tags #ShawnMendesIsOverParty and #AdamDriverIsOverParty. A quick dive into Twitter would lead you to comments from enraged fans claiming that these tags were created to promote fancams from fandoms.

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What do you feel about this issue? Does Brendon Urie deserve it or this is just another case of cancel culture going too far?

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