In a video posted on SB19’s official Youtube channel for their #SB19UnreleasedSpecial, Josh, Sejun, Stell, Ken, and Justin were subjects in a hypnosis session.

For the unversed, people who undergo hypnosis– or the so-called “subjects”– enter a trancelike state where they show an increased response to instructions and suggestions by the person inducting. In this case, it was the Philippine’s leading mentalist, Nomer Lasala, who hypnotized the pop quintet.

The video opens with a disclaimer, saying that each member of SB19 agreed to undergo the activity prior to the session. It assures fans that no one was harmed during the production, and that the video was made for entertainment purposes only.

The fun began when the boys were shown seated together in a dimly lit room, which, as Justin explained, was the result of an unprecedented blackout. A text appeared in the video saying, “Isa pa ring misteryo kung bakit nag-blackout bago kami magsimula mag-shoot.” (It remains a mystery why a blackout happened before we began shooting.)

Prompted by Sejun to explain what he had in store for them, Nomer Lasala said that he wanted the session to be “medyo light lang,” considering that the power was out. He added that hypnosis works if the subject has a good imagination.

Lasala then requested the boys to sit down and relax, and told them to look up at his raised hand. Counting down from 3 to 0, he instructed the subjects to close their eyes.

Once the boys were relaxed, Nomer gave them a series of instructions such as to hold out their hands and imagine that a balloon had been tied to one of their hands and a book placed on top of the other. While everyone was quick to respond, it was Sejun who was obviously the most attentive one.

Ken with 11 fingers

Nomer told Ken to imagine himself going back in time to his elementary days. In front of him, as told by the conductor, was a blackboard with the numbers 1 to 10 written on it. Nomer instructed Ken to imagine himself holding an eraser and using it to erase the number before 5. Afterwards, Nomer tapped Ken on his forehead with a pointy finger, and instructed him to count from 1 to 10. Ken failed to mention number 4.

As if to further prove that hypnosis was working on Ken, Nomer prompted the subject to hold out his hands once again and count his fingers. Because, apparently, 4 did not exist in Ken’s head, he ended up counting 11 fingers.

Meet Jojo

The next individual subject was Sejun, who was evidently in a sleeplike state. Nomer told him to open his eyes, which Sejun did, and go to sleep once again. Nomer then asserted that he was going to ask him name, and Sejun wouldn’t be able to say it. Nomer tapped Sejun’s forehead, like he previously did to Ken, and explained that he had erased Sejun’s name in his memory.

When Nomer asked his subject to open his eyes and say his name, Sejun clearly looked disoriented. Sejun said that he didn’t know his name, and that he was feeling heavy inside. Nomer asked the question one more time, to which Sejun replied, “Paulo po.”

Nomer said that he was gonna implant a name in Sejun’s head, and wrote the name in question on a piece of paper for the audience to see. He reached out his hand pointing to his subject– a gesture indicating he was passing the information into Sejun’s head– and then asked for his name one more time. Hesitantly, Sejun whispered, “Jojo.”

Were they able to bring number 4 back into Ken’s mind? Is Sejun gonna be replaced by Jojo from now on? Watch the video below to find out what happens!


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