Cheers for another round!

Over the past few weeks, our heart skipped a beat as Hospital Playlist ended with just twelve episodes and we can’t wait to see what’s next! But thankfully, Netflix renewed the show for its second season to be released in 2021. Written by screenwriter Lee Woo Jung and directed by Shin Won Ho, this show definitely deserves being the ninth highest-rated Korean Drama on television!


Why we love the show? Well, it’s really delightfully adorable and it makes you crave the comfort of lifetime legit friends you might have missed for some time.

What can we expect?

Of course, we’re all have been cliff-hanged about the relationship of Lee Ik Jun and Chae Song Hwa. Like most of us, we’re shipping the two and we all know that there’s a spark between the two but we don’t want to ruin their friendship at the time, right?

In the finale, we’ve seen how Ik-jun shows his courageous heart after he confessed her true feelings for Song-Hwa and he let her decide for some time. But will season 2 give us the answer we’ve all been waiting or it will just be filled with awkwardness after Ik-jun returns home from his conference in Spain.

Aside from the ‘kilig‘ story of the two, of course, we’re all shocked about the blossoming relationship of Dr. Gyeo Wool and Jung-wan Ahn. We thought that Professor Ahn will definitely follow the footsteps of his siblings but yep, we’ve witnessed a happy ending for the two at season 1. Will these two officially waltz in the rhythm of love?

If we’re waiting for the continuation of their love story, we’ll absolutely clueless about the relationship between Kim Jun Wan and Lee Ik Soon. With their long-distance relationship, it looks like Ik-soon was still upset with Jun Wan after he forgot about her departure time.

More so, we have seen also that she returned the delivery which was a ring that Jun Wan sent him.

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Are you looking forward to the second season of the Hospital Playlist on Netflix?

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