Feeling not confident with your craft?

Let’s be honest. There are times that we feel like we don’t know anymore if we should continue pursuing what we want. Like we have this entire time to explore our craft but we are the ones who doubt ourselves the most.

Well, if you are having second thoughts or experiencing that kind of struggle, better to check out these films first and immerse yourself in the world of music again. There’s nothing like some good cinematic therapy to rid yourself from quitting.

That being said, here are four feel-good movies that could hype and imbues that sleeping talent of yours!

Sing Street

Showcasing 1980s vibes, this film follows the story of teenagers who depicts the real circumstances of life. It delivers the nostalgic 80’s hits and of course, that romantic plot where Conor will try everything including creating his own band just to win Raphina’s heart.

It may sound cliche but to tell you, this film is great indeed! You can catch well written songs also that were used in the film. More so, it will leave you thoughts of forming your own band as soon as possible.

So, better check the trailer now if you haven’t seen it yet!


This film flaunts how much quality of music you can produce once you totally push yourself beyond boundaries. Moreover, Whiplash is considered as one of the greatest film about music of all time starring the ambitious jazz drummer Miles Teller and an abusive bandleader J. K. Simmons.

Basically, it follows the story of Andrew Neiman played by Miles Teller who is really determined to become that best jazz drummer. So, he enrolled in a music conservatory where he have to survive the series lecture with his ruthless mentor.

However, his mentor, Terence Fletcher, may show some unconventional training methods but frankly, he absolutely fostered a greatest jazz drummer of all time.

Begin Again

Hemmed with plots of heartache and accepting failures in a relationship, this movie is really a must watch if you think there’s no other way to put out your music. Also, it showcases friendships in the long run of discovering music of others.

You can learn from how Gretta exchanged her pain into something beautiful like when she found herself lonesome after her boyfriend ended their relationship. But fortunately, she found her purpose again when someone discovered her talent and poured heart again into creating her own music.

At some point, you can definitely see how things can turn out so great despite of experiencing those heartbreaking events in life. It may be damn painful but yes, you can get back up again with a new perspective.

August Rush

This might be a peculiar film for some but this one is really has an inspiring story of finding a way to hone your passion when you get out from your comfort zone. Also, it entices somehow the viewers that no matter how old you are, you deserve that platform to share your music.

August Rush will lead us to the story of Freddie Highmore who is determine that he will find his long-lost parents through music. During watching this film, you will be filled with loads of grandest music and revisited the musical world.

This may be a predictable one but it will give you goosebumps whenever you see August plays his thing. And just like what he always says, ‘All you have to do is listen’.

If you already watch these films, which inspires you the most?

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