Very interesting animation, a very peculiar storyline, and a whole lot of Nam Joo-hyuk awaits!

Chemically-charged rom-com action is written in the stars for us this September as Nam Joo-hyuk and Jung Yu-mi take to the small screen with brand-new, highly-anticipated, Netflix kdrama, ‘The School Nurse Files.’


Set against the backdrop of a normal high school, not-so-normal school nurse, Ahn Eun-young (Jung Yu-mi), is tasked with helping the world fight “jellies” invisible to all but her.

The jellies are a by-product of greed and can be either harmful or harmless. To others, she’s just a light-stick wagging, weirdo nurse, but in reality, she’s saving their lives one jelly at a time.

The School Nurse’s Assistant

Her arduous and lonely battle is interrupted by the entrance of a Chinese Characters teacher and heir to the school, Hong In-pyo (Nam Joo-hyuk). She soon realizes In-pyo’s special ability to recharge her energy when she holds his hand.

Official School Nurse Files Posters via Netflix

Armed with her rainbow sword and magical BB gun, she fights with Hong In-pyo right by her side to defend the school against the evil of the jellies.

Based on an original novel of the same name by the writer of the show, Chung Se-rang, School Nurse Files is definitely an unprecedented whimsical fantasy rom-com for the books! Watch out for its official release on September 25, 2020 exclusively on Netflix.

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