Walt Disney Records has launched the digital score EP to Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Myth: A Frozen Tale,” the first VR short from Disney Animation to be inspired by one of its feature films.

Narrated by Evan Rachel Wood, the Jeff Gipson-directed immersive film debuted with audiences at the world premiere of “Frozen 2” in Hollywood last November.  The score was composed, produced and mixed by composer Joseph Trapanese (“Lady and the Tramp,” “The Greatest Showman,” “TRON: Legacy”).

Gipson said, “The music in ‘Myth: A Frozen Tale’ is much more than just a score playing among the action, but rather a character and a storytelling tool that expresses the harmony and balance that reflects the film’s theme. I’m so excited that audiences will be able to enjoy the beautiful pieces that Joe Trapanese created for our film.” 

Trapanese said, “Composing the music of ‘Myth: A Frozen Tale’ has been one of my most rewarding and thrilling collaborations. Jeff Gipson, Nick Russell, Tom MacDougall, and the entire team at Disney Animation saw the depth of emotion and excitement music could bring to the VR experience, and by inviting me to be a part of the early design and exploration process, the score truly became an integral part of the storytelling. I’m thrilled we can share it with you today.”

Also available today is the “Behind the Original Score” featurette with “Myth” filmmakers and a lift video for “Elemental Spirits.”  The Myth: A Frozen Tale digital soundtrack EP is available here. For more information on Walt Disney Records releases, follow them at Facebook.com/DisneyInstagram/disneymusicTwitter.com/disneymusic and our Disney Hits Playlist.

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