Why Are Taylor Swift Fans Celebrating Her Surprise Album?

With quite so much clarity on Folklore, Swifties couldn’t stop playing those genuine tracks on their playlist.

The surprise album of Taylor Swift that she spent the past four months recording, has been receiving a lot of recognition and even debuted at the No. 1 spot on Billboard 200. What’s even greater, Taylor Swift breaks the record for the most Billboard Hot 100 entries among women!

That being said, Swifties expressed their felicity after Folklore achieved such success and their endearments poured in different ways. Some sent their remarks to Taylor by sharing their appreciation for the sentimental patterned verses of the said album.

Well, what not to like, right? Swifties even hyped when Taylor expressed her gratitude to two Filipino fans who even baked a splendid cake to congratulate Taylor!

The siblings, John Paul Cledera and Nicole Anne Cledera, baked it especially as they anticipated that the album would break records again and this made Taylor wowed and genuinely grateful for her two Filipino fans to celebrate her success.

If you’re admiring also her latest album, don’t let it be left unsaid! You can appreciate it in different ways and you’ll never know, Taylor might notice you as well!

Well, to some who haven’t listened to her album yet, better to stream it all now on Spotify!

What do you think about his newly-released track ‘Caught in the Middle’?

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