Apparently, many fans are using the hashtag #BLACKPINKLEAVEYG on Twitter and here’s everything you need to know about it!

On Thursday, #BLACKPINKLEAVEYG blew up on Twitter with many using this campaign to urge K-pop girl group to leave its agency, YG Entertainment. The reason for this is the company’s failure in promoting its idols and a series of scandals involving its other artists.

Recently, BLACKPINK became the first Korean group to reach one billion views on YouTube for their single music video, ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’. But apparently, their comeback this 2019 was pushed back. Thus, this enraged most of their fans with them saying BLACKPINK is being “mistreated” and “held-back.”


BLACKPINK is a Korean idol group consisting of Jisoo (visual and lead vocalist), Jennie (main rapper), Rosé (main vocalist) and Lisa (main dancer and lead rapper).


Furthermore, YG Entertainment is also responsible for some of the biggest names in the Korean music industry like Big Bang, 2NE1, iKon, and Winner. Similar to BLACKPINK, the hashtag, #iKONLEAVEYG also trended on Twitter today.

On another note, iKon’s leader Kim Han-bin or B.I.  left the group in June after getting involved in an illegal drug incident in 2016.

CL leaves YG

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One YG idol took it upon herself to leave the agency. Just recently, news broke that CL has left the record label. According to a YG statement issued to South Korean media on November 8. CL has been with the company for more than a decade as both a soloist and a member of girl group 2NE1.

“Respecting each other’s opinions, we came to an agreement with CL to end her exclusive contract,” YG said.

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