The best thing that happened from the recent elections are these Bong Go memes. And we just can’t help but love them!

Admit it, even with the controversial elections on the run, we Filipinos can’t help but create hilarious memes. To divert us from the mundane and dismaying results, we seek refuge with comedy and satire instead. And what’s better than memes to relieve stress, right? Especially the Bong Go Memes!

There’s nothing really extraordinary from the senatorial-elect Bong Go. Nothing, really. (Kidding!) But he’s been the main attraction of all the memes that have been circulating since then. Senator Bong Go’s smile isn’t that smiley but putting it up with relating life situations is indeed hilarious! That’s the same smile we put up during awkward situations, y’all!

Bong Go is our childhood spirit animal

I have to admit. These memes are just damn relatable. Speaking from experience, of course! I mean, yeah, they do sound petty but hey! You gotta admit, it brings back the good old memories.

1. Nay! Ma! Hugas pweeeet!

Shouting from the toilet after pooping really gets our moms’ going. Plastering an awkward smile just like this before asking them to wash our asses is iconic. I don’t know, but that’s how we learned potty training. Don’t judge!

2. Pooping at school accidents

We probaaaaaably accidentally pooped our pants, once or twice. In school. Way back our childhood. Cold sweat building up, shivers running down your body as you approach your teacher with that smile. “Teacher, teacher, may tae po ako sa shorts.”. Smiling on the outside, crying in the inside.

3. Aling Nena, pautang daw po si Mama

Ugh! This happens a lot, if you know what I mean, right? Whenever your mom experiences a bit of shortage, she’ll ask you to go to your nearest sari-sari store. Of course, you’d have to put up a smile so awkward while Aling Nena rants how big your nanay’s “utang” gets! Sorry!

4. Picture perfect blackmail

This gives me barrels of a laugh! We’d always find our moms taking pictures of us. And if we don’t comply, Jollibee goodbye! So in the end, we’d have to haul our unphotogenic ass for the sake of Jollibee or whatever fast food chain you want to go! No wonder we look unpleasant in our pictures back then.

5. Ako naman daw!

If you’ve grown with your mom being strict with video game consoles, then you can really relate. You’d have to do all sorts of things like brushing your teeth, sleeping at noon or even taking a simple bath to get a hold of your PSP or Nintendo DS. And of course, you’d have to fight for it over your sibling. Ahhh, the good old days of breaking into wrestling fights are definitely golden.

And of course, there are a lot of other Bong Go memes that we laughed about and shared!

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I bet everyone can see how Bong Go accurately fits in all of these situations. It’s not just funny but nostalgic as well. Everything else might be chaotic and in turmoil. But sometimes, relieving ourselves from all of this is to relive our funniest and embarrassing childhood days.

What’s the top Bong Go meme can you relate to? Do you have any favorite? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.