Adorably cute, we love keeping up with Scarlet Snow Belo! But this time, she gets our attention for a different reason. Meet her gorgeous  babysitter, Analú!

Scarlet Snow Belo first got widespread attention when her parents, Doctor Vicky Belo and Doctor Hayden Kho decided to share her adorable toddler journey on Instagram. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Scarlet surely has the substance needed to be a superstar! Actually, she has participated in some advertisements, and let’s be frank here, she’s a very effective advert. Who could say no to that cute little face!

This being said, Scarlet Snow is undeniably adorable for a child, and it’s nice that she’s not trying to be a grown-up so fast! Don’t hate on her, though. Most people would question her parents’ choices when it comes to raising their child. In particular, people weren’t very fond of the idea of a young kid wearing Gucci. Well if her parents could afford it, why not? I don’t think what a child wears should be an issue. Come on, people! There are more important things.

Speaking of which, Scarlet might not only have the most beautiful clothes. Apparently, she also has the most beautiful people around her! The social media has been abuzz ever since this photo of her with a gorgeous lady popped up on Instagram.


It turns out, the beautiful lady in the picture who was thought to be Scarlet’s babysitter for the day was none other than Analú, a Brazillian model based on New York. In the caption, it read that Analú was teaching Scarlet Snow how to walk gracefully and pose for the camera!

A quick Instagram check confirmed this. And let me tell you that she is a total beauty! She loves going to the beach, apparently. The morena seems to love Scarlet as much as we all do! Check out Analú’s photos on Instagram!

Aside from being beautiful, she’s also part of the Wilhelmina Models, the same agency who reportedly offered Liza Soberano in the past.

She’s pretty, don’t you agree? But I bet Scarlet Snow could learn a lot from her! Share us your thoughts in the comment section below! Better yet, send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.