Shitposting in the Philippines have gone overboard, and here’s why!

Shitposting has taken on a new meaning in the Philippine setting and as time permits it to, it is getting gradually worse. Of course, some started as funny, something we can all laugh about, but in time, shitposts have turned into offensive insults. Oftentimes it would feel like it’s not intended for humor anymore.

What is shitposting?

Shitposting is defined as ironically posting things that would normally be considered cringy, of trollishly poor quality or stereotypical but is intended for mockery and amusement.

Well, shitposts have always been bordering on being offensive and sometimes even inappropriate if you take it seriously. However, in our country, the humorous type of posts took a different meaning. Somehow, it is now related to taking an establishment’s name and posting things that the establishment would post if it was ever to shitpost.  That was one confusing description, but I’ll explain what is now happening. These random people decided it would be fun to make Facebook accounts of known establishments like stores or universities and post things that are supposed to be funny under that account.

“But it’s fun!”

Not to be killjoy, I know it’s fun for some. But we have one big concern here– these people are using actual universities’ names to drag other universities. At some point, people are going to find this offensive, especially since all the allegations thrown are solely based on stereotypes and not facts. In addition to this, posts sometimes border on indirect bullying! This is where shitposting takes an unpleasant turn and goes overboard.

Also, not everyone on Facebook is a social media savvy that knows about memes and will understand that these are meant to be jokes. Someone’s mom might think this is the actual university posting. And what about the universities’ reputation all in all? The staff and faculty? There is an endless list of people who can take this the wrong way. I the first place, using an establishment’s or a university’s name in order to just shitpost is agreeably wrong. It may also even be against the law. But who cares as long as it’s fun, right? Wrong! There are a lot of this we can laugh about on the internet other than dragging reputable universities’ names in the name of humor.

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