Sorry to burst your bubbles, but after some research and trying it out myself, I’ve come to the conclusion this is like any other regular iced-coffee, but upside-down.

It’s one of those consequences when you force people to stay indoors for more than a week: they come up with all sorts of ways to entertain themselves out of limited options. They make gummy bears sing Adele’s Someone Like You in unison. They realize that QC Mayor Joy Belmonte could become a great voice actor to play Spongebob Squarepants. While sitting on the sofa, they suddenly go: “I need coffee,” but they’re extremely bored so they’re like, “I need coffee but the coffee part is separated from the milk.”

It’s fun, though.

Dalgona Coffee originated from South Korea and was popularized by a creator on Tiktok. You know Tiktok’s power to infect the minds of people, right?

To make one, you only need instant coffee, sugar, milk, and ice. You prepare it by continuously whipping the coffee and sugar in a bowl of hot water until it becomes stiff and foamy. Now, you can pour the mixture on top of the iced milk. The taste is like super creamy cappuccino, but that’s standard preparation. We’ve also encountered some level-up varieties of the beverage like Matcha Dalgona Green Tea Latte, Chocolate Dalgona, and Dalgona Milo, which is exactly what the name suggests.

Dalgona Coffee’s popularity can also be attributed to its instagram-worthy look. The ingredients are cheap, the procedure is sort of unusual but still easy to follow, but it’s the aesthetic appearance of the finished product that has everyone making their own versions of it and showing it off their own on social media. At least, even when we’re trapped in our own houses, we get to be a barista.

Have you tried Dalgona Coffee at home?

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