Karencitta is making waves on Twitter, and not all of them are good waves. Because Karencitta just threated to quit music. Find out why right here!

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If you were on Twitter last night, you were probably one of those people who was wondering why everyone was hating on Karencitta. That’s because she released a video on her Instagram account wherein she’s threatening to quit music. And it’s been re-shared all over Twitter. And this just in: She officially put her Instagram account on Private today! So is she ashamed of what she’s been saying or is this an indication that she really is quitting music?

So why is she quitting?


So in the video, she says that her latest song ‘IDK‘ will be her last. If radio stations don’t start playing OPM or local songs 24/7. Uhm… okay? Check out the video right here:

So before we give our two-cents on the matter, to give you all a fair perspective, here’s what people have been saying:

So it’s pretty evident that she’s got her fair share of supporters, but there’s definitely a lot more criticism than support.

We get her point, but…


It all sounds a little too entitled. Yes, the streaming of OPM and indie OPM music on radio stations here in the Philippines could be increased. But! And it’s a big but. Those radio stations don’t owe it to any single artist to mandatorily stream OPM songs just because we’re in the Philippines. They are a corporate entity that reflects what the masses want to hear. To demand and to threaten like that, is acting a little too entitled.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of great OPM artists out there. But, and this is my personal opinion, OPM songs need to resonate with Filipinos enough that local radio stations will have no choice but to play those songs. We need to create a culture starting at a grass-roots level for an appreciation for the local OPM scene. We can’t demand corporations to listen. But maybe you can influence your peers, why don’t you check out our Top 10 OPM songs this week.

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