Asia’s Next Top Model Contestant Jachin Manere (along with Adela Marshall) is proud to be Filipina, and we’ve got the scoop on her!

We’ve talked to Asia’s Next Top Model Contestant Jachin Manere even before all the hype of #AsNTM6. And with the talent she’s shown on the television show, we’re sure that her that she’ll be skyrocketing to the top SOON. Team Jachin all the way! (DISCLAIMER: We totally support Adela Marshall too. #TeamPhilippines)

Want to hear more about Jachin from the #AsNTM6 contestant herself? We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE video on her below!

Jach’s passion for modelling started out as an accident but ended up as something that she instantly loved. It wasn’t easy for her to convince her parents to get into modelling, but she continues to do what she loves and keeps on excelling at that. She is part of one of the most prestigious modelling companies here in the Philippines – PMAP.

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Since our exclusive one-on-one interview with the model, she’s been consistently doing on her #1 passion—modelling.

Here are some of her best shots from Asia’s Next Top Model Season 6!

Week 1, and we’re not sure about you, but we think team Philippines has won!

Whooo, Adela Marshall as her teammate? We got this #TeamPhilippines! (We may or may not be a BIIIIIIT biased.)


Black Swan, who?

We hate to compare, but she’s definitely got fiercer eyes than Ms. Singapore.

Bring us that smiiiiiize, gurl!

Giving us some legit girl power with a PUNCH!

Manny Pacquiao is shaking.

Okay, okay. Enough of the appreciation posts. We don’t want you to realize we’re fangirling too much. LOL.

Kidding aside, we’ve got a list of some DYKs about Jachin Manere that you’ll only see HERE.

  • Her friends fondly call her ‘Jach’ [Pronounced ‘Jack’].
  • She wanted to pursue music! Specifically, she wanted to be in the production side of it.
  • Modelling came to her as an accident! (And now she’s on her way to becoming Asia’s next top model? Whaaaaaat?)
  • She LOVES that she can express herself through movements and facial expressions.
  • She kind of looks at modelling as a performance—”Clothes are like the characters. [Models] are the role-players.
  • Another thing she likes about modelling is that, as she says herself, “It’s like I’m becoming another person.
  • She believes that models are artists themselves.
  • A quote we love from her:

We conceptualize and interpret works of art and ideas and present them in our own ways.

Learning more about Asia’s Next Top Model contestant Jachin Manere definitely made us STAN her more! And we can’t help but root for her along with her fellow Filipina contestant, Adela Marshall. Good luck, girls! Go #TeamPhilippines!