As part of Pantawid ng Pag-ibig At Home Together Concert, a 3-hour, fundraising concert featuring live performances and vlogs of over a hundred ABS-CBN stars, Vice Ganda performed his original song, “Corona Bye Bye Na.”

The song is everything you’d expect from a comedian/artist like Vice Ganda: it’s got catchy tunes, the songwriting is superficial and funny, and the MV is all him and his backup talents singing and acting funny. It uses references to Miss Universe and pageantry to comically prove its point: “Bye, bye, Corona Virus. You got nothing against Filipino people who are driven by hope and positivity.”


Different reactions

The MV quickly made it to the top trends on Twitter, hovering around the list for several hours. And social media people have commended the song for various reasons. Many fans liked it for its lasting LSS effect. Some expressed their admiration for its attempt to spread good vibes. Some Twitter peeps even posted a video of themselves dancing to the song, doing Vive Ganda’s original easy-to-follow steps.

However, there are some people who, despite all the negativity that has continuously made 2020 a bad year, couldn’t help but be the haters that they are.

Some were quick to point out the song’s over-the-top simplicity. One toxic account on youtube even had the blame the country’s problems on the artist, claiming that his influence on the public was the reason behind the series of unfortunate events that have plagued the Philippines.

Get a break!

The intention of the song is obviously good: it’s to uplift people and raise awareness on how to combat the threat of the disease. However, it’s understandable if you can pass it off as another annoyingly catchy novelty song that you’d forget in a few days. We get it, you’re not a fan of creations made for the general public, which usually lack artistic depth and deep-cut elements. But the last time we checked, not being a fan does not equate to hating something or someone. There’s a difference between constructive criticism and straight-up bashing, and you know what? All things considered, now is not the right time for either of those.

It’s hard to understand why a lot of individuals still find the time to express hate and toxicity. If anything, the global pandemic has given us an opportunity to reflect on who we are, what are the things we could still improve on, and what we have taken for granted. It’s given us all the time in the world to stop and take a break. And now that we are on that ‘break,’ maybe we could start to see how hate is so unnecessary, and we would all be better off if we could take things a little easier. 

Take it easy on yourself. Take it easy on other people. We’ve got a tough life. Let’s be gentle.

How are you in your community so far?

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