After almost 9 years of being in a relationship, Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler finally decided to call it quits.

Let’s be honest. As people who are so updated with news regarding celebrities – may it be local or foreign – in the entertainment industry, we have our own share of ships or pairings that we are rooting for. Of course, there is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, and also long-time couple Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler.

However in case you missed the trending news today, the alleged 9-year couple apparently broke up already. Honestly even if we weren’t involved at all in their relationship, it feels like our own hearts were broken too. After all, just imagine the long time that they have spent together–all those memories and struggles now have a period after them.

To see how this news have affected a lot of netizens, just check out some tweets below.

Hopes are up for a Zanessa reunion

Of course, because of this a lot of fans – especially High School Musical ones – have felt that it is time for Zac Efron and Vanessa to continue their love story once again. After all, it so happens that now that Vanessa have broken up with Austin, the two actors who played the roles of Troy and Gabriela are now both single at the same time!

Read some tweets of fans below who are wishing for a reunion between the two High School Musical stars.

Of course though, we really respect the actors and their personal choices. It will be really be a dream come true if Zanessa gets back together again, but we also just want what they think is the best for them individually.

What do you think of this news though? Like others, are you also rooting for Zac and Vanessa to get back together again?

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