In case you missed it, two K-pop idols have again just been revealed to be dating. We see you, Momo and Heechul!

Last 2019, K-pop fans went wild with the news of two pairs of idols who were revealed to be dating. The first one was EXO‘s Kai and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie – which was rather the more controversial one. The second was TWICE‘s leader Jihyo and Wanna One’s former member, Kang Daniel.

Both pairs were exposed by Dispatch, a Korean news agency known for spilling the ‘tea’ on idols who were apparently dating in secrecy. And how do they do it? Through none other than rather intrusive, uncontestable photos.

As 2020 was coming near, Dispatch revealed that they might be revealing another couple soon–after all, it’s their way of celebrating the New Year. Apparently, they are idols from SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, two out of the three big companies in the K-pop industry. So when the unexpected news were delivered by the labels themselves this morning, all people who are interested in the world of K-pop – including us – were honestly shocked.

SUPER JUNIOR’s Heechul and TWICE’s Momo

JYP Entertainment and SJ Label (the exclusive label SM Ent. made for SUJU) revealed the news this early morning. Maybe in an attempt to beat Dispatch to the bush, they finally shared that Momo from TWICE and Heechul from Super Junior were in fact, dating. Rumors appeared as early as August last year, but both companies denied it then.

There is a notable age difference between the two – with Heechul being 36 and Momo, 23 – but honestly, they are both adults and people should respect that. Thankfully, the fans are now showing their support to both of the idols, who apparently met each other in a variety show back in 2016.

When we researched about them, we didn’t honestly expect that we will blush from their cute interactions. However, we were wrong. See for yourself how from Momo’s simple anime impression, Heechul was blown away.

And really, whose heart wouldn’t beat faster with Momo’s cuteness? Since then, Heechul has apparently been fond of Momo which a lot of people found adorable. And now, we know that they really are dating. WOW.

You could check out more of their cute interactions through variety show videos on YouTube. Meanwhile, we just want to express our support to both of the idols. We really ship!

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