All our insecurities are gone! Now we really do feel special as TWICE finally dropped ‘Feel Special’, along with a music video!

Are you trying to kill us, JYP? After an announcement about ITZY’s showcase tour, they have finally released the music video for TWICE’s ‘Feel Special’ today. We are barely breathing here!

The girls are looking especially gorgeous as they pull off a classy theme – with gold, white, and other fancy colors. Complete with elegant accessories, they surely are feeling special. Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu, we love you so much!

Watch the recently released music video for ‘Feel Special’ below!

TWICE is special

Upon starting the music video, we see a wonderful gold set and the girls all dressed in white. And then to make us shookt even more, Chaeyoung – and not Nayeon – was there to give the song a surprising but pleasant opening. As they continue, we were just taken aback at how beautiful they are. Tzuyu with that wonderful headpiece, Momo without bangs, Sana with that pink hair? We were literally blown away.

Then just as we are about to finally take a gasp for air, a beautiful Nayeon appears. After that is just blissful torture for us as we see Mina in an amazing gown. Speaking of which, we wish her the best health! She is so incredible and we are thankful that she is there together with her friends for the comeback.

For the chorus, leader Jihyo stuns us once again with her flawless dance moves and vocals. Likewise goes for Jeongyeon, who looks very dangerous in red! Then to spit bars, an adorable Dahyun is seen under a candy umbrella.

As a whole, they are all breathtaking and by the end of the MV, we were out of breath. Literally out of breath. But hell, at least we feel special.

Feel Special

The song, in our opinion, is one that talks about a certain loved one that cares for you. For TWICE, it could mean their friends. After all, we saw how they looked at each other in the music video – full of care and appreciation. However, it could also mean others like your family or your special someone.

As the English translation of the lyrics says, there is someone out there who could always make your day a lot better with even just their presence.

One moment I feel like I’m nothing at all

Like no one would notice if I were gone

But then when I hear you calling me

I feel loved, I feel so special

Their comebacks are really one of a kind. For this one, they didn’t fail to make us really nice. It may sound cheesy, but the song made us think about all the people who have made us feel that way—special.

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