Images of celebrities and world leaders with quotes praising Duterte have been flooding social media.

One example is a false quote attributed to the queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, apparently praising the Philippine president for his love for the country.



Queen Elizabeth II did not praise President Rodrigo Duterte. It’s a manipulated photo, copying the template of The original photo is a quote card from the news publication with lines from the queen’s speech on April 6 when she addressed the United Kingdom regarding the global pandemic crisis. There was no mention of President Duterte. 


False Quotes: A form of disinformation

Other victims of these fabricated quote cards include Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie, Superman actor Henry Cavill, and even world leaders like Kim Jong-un. There are even satirical memes featuring dead figures like Adolf Hitler, and fictional characters like the Professor on Money Heist, a series on Netflix.

It’s not even his real identity in the fictional series. He is Professor Sergio Marquina, played by Alvaro Morte. He is called the “Professor” for being the mastermind behind a heist, not because he teaches at the University of Italy.


Whether it’s a satirical meme made for the laughs or a deliberate act of spreading falsehood to push certain agendas, sharing these false quotes is an irresponsible use of social media.

For an ordinary internet citizen, it also important to do fact-checking. To quote a cliched line, “Just because you see something on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true.” The internet is a form of power. Let’s use it wisely.

What do you feel about these false quotes in general?

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What do you feel about these false quotes praising Duterte?

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