A big, sad, TRUE.

All this time, we’ve been led to believe she’s the mastermind behind controversial Twitter account @iamethylgabison. But disappointing as it may sound, Ethel Booba disowned the twitter page, claiming that she had never been part of it.

The biggest charot

For some amount of time, we stanned a queen on Twitter for actively criticizing the current administration through clever tweets, which often ended with the word, “Charot.” Surprisingly, we became card-carrying followers of Ethel Booba’s internet presence, as she went from being a TV comedian to an internet persona that embodied what we feel as socially aware Filipino youth.

And then, in a Youtube video posted on Tuesday, April 14, Ethel revealed that she has never been behind the twitter account, even calling the person behind it “fake Ethel.” ‘The Revelation’ video was posted after the account in question had been shut down.


In the video, Ethel Booba, whose real name is Ethel Gabison, started off thanking her fans for patiently allowing her to explain her side of the story. In case some of you didn’t know, there have been speculations coming from netizens, claiming that the reason behind Ethel’s sudden denial of participation in the twitter account was that she had been either bribed or threatened by politicians previously criticized by the account.

Then she went on detailing how she first found out about the “fake Ethel” in 2012, and how she didn’t mind being turned into an internet persona because the content was harmless.

Kuhang-kuha niya ang pagsasalita ko. Natuwa naman ako kasi maganda naman, di naman nakaka-harm sa ibang tao. Puro mga quotes, nakakatawa,” the comedian said in the vlog. (She could really talk like me. I was amused because it was nice and it didn’t harm anyone. It was all quotes; it was funny.)

It was in 2019, when the tweets became political, that the account began gaining more popularity. That was also when the majority of Twitter citizens showed appreciation for the real Ethel, as they were under the belief that the Filipina actress felt the same way they do about the current administration.

Contrary to the political viewpoint of the “fake Ethel,” the comedian said in the vlog that she voted for President Rodrigo Duterte during the 2016 elections. She stressed that she had been a supporter of the president all along by urging people to read back her previous posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Ethel ended the video with a message encouraging Filipinos to set aside politics and just work with one another to end this global pandemic crisis. “Dapat magkaisa tayong lahat, walang dilawan, walang (pro) Duterte… hindi natin alam kung hanggang saan ‘to (the pandemic),” she said.

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