Tiktok, the world’s leading short-form video sharing mobile app encourages learning in quarantine with its latest campaign, #TikTokU.

The platform’s diversified library of content grows even more as they add the element of education in it. Kicking off on May 25, the #TikTokU program will allow our local content creators to produce content that is will provide practical and up-to-date knowledge for the Tiktok community. Learning a new language, a quick art and crafts tutorial, or trivial things are some examples of subjects you could use for your educational videos.

“These days, education is no longer confined to classrooms, and the ways of learning are changing, too. TikTok is giving alternative and accessible ways for the thirsty creative minds of Filipinos open to discovering new ideas,” said John Castro, TikTok User, Community and Operations Manager. “We believe that everybody deserves access to various forms of education. That is why we launch #TikTokU. We hope users will join us in celebrating knowledge and sharing their creativity for the benefits of the wider community.”

Everyone is encouraged to join!

#TikTokU is searching for creative content creators to join their roster of teachers and instructors. The first round of the #TikTokU Program will run from May 25 to June 15, 2020, focusing on creators of Science and Education, DIY and Life Hacks, and Advice and Motivational content

To make the challenge fair and equal for all who seek to join, entries will be categorized into four groups based on the user’s number of followers:

Senior Scholarship: Open to those whose followers are 500k and above on TikTok 

Junior Scholarship: Open to those with 100k to 500k followers on TikTok

Sophomore Scholarship: Open to those with 10k to 100k followers on TikTok

Freshman Scholarship: Open to those with under 10k followers on TikTok

The guidelines for joining #TikTokU are as follow:

  • Entrants must create at least three entries for the campaign.
  • Content must be educational and useful, and must fall under the Science and Education, DIY and Life Hacks, or Advice and Motivational themes, with the assigned hashtag/s incorporated.
  • The ideal duration and format of videos are 30 seconds and above, shot on a 9:16 vertical screen.
  • The campaign is open to all creators aged 18 and above from the Philippines.
  • Videos must adhere to the TikTok community guidelines.
  • Winners will be selected based on the total video views of all eligible videos they post during 
the campaign. A candidate-ranking dashboard will be updated regularly to reflect the most viewed creators in each track.

First-round winners will be announced on June 19. Winning creators will win cash prizes and be invited to join #TikTokU Creator Group. They will receive the following prizes:

  • Senior Scholarship (5 winners): P40,000 cash and 1-to-1 support for 3 months
  • Junior Scholarship (15 winners): P30,000 cash, and 1-to-1 support for 3 months
  • Sophomore Scholarship (30 winners): P20,000 cash, and 3-month upskilling
  • Freshman Scholarship (75 winners) – P10,000 cash, and 3-month upskilling

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What do you think about the #TikTokU Program?


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