Calling all conspiracy theorists! The plot continues to thicken! Check out these leaked photos from the set of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4!

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Ever since the teaser for Stranger Things Season 4 came out, fans have been theorizing like crazy! And the biggest one that ties all of them together is that there will be time travel in Season 4! Which could change a lot of the things that happened these past three seasons! Especially regarding Jim Hopper’s fate. And now, with these leaked photos it could actually be true! So if you want to be surprised when Season 4 comes out, I suggest you stop reading. Like, right now! Welp, you know what you’re getting into!

Is that…?


What you are about to see are some major spoilage photos for Season 4 of Stranger Things! Courtesy of one brave fan who visited the set of Stranger things while they were filming in Rome, Georgia, USA. He originally posted the photos on Reddit. And appropriately commented, “Here’s everything I got until I was asked to leave.” The photos are of Hopper’s car!


That’s right! Hopper’s car is back on set!


You can look at all the photos right here.

But how can this be when we last saw it on fire?


It was in the fifth episode of Season 3 when Joyce and Hopper were escaping from that scary Russian assassin along with the scientist Alexei. And Hopper’s car had broken down in the woods. And we’re pretty sure we saw that thing go up in smoke! Heck, it even exploded! So then why in the world would it be on the set for Season 4, unless! Unless they really did somehow end up goin back in time! That’s the only explanation why Hopper’s car is back!

What do you think this means?


Call us absolute nerds, but we love hearing about fan conspiracy theories! You know, stuff like these:

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