#SongSongCouple? Not anymore, apparently. Korean actor Song Joong Ki broke their fans’ hearts as he files a divorce from Song Hye Kyo!

We have loved them for their role as lovers in the 2016 hit series ‘Descendants of the Sun’ but after 2 years of being married, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are filing for a divorce, breaking the hearts of many.

Do happy endings only exist in our favourite K-dramas? We hope not but while their characters in DOTS Captain Yoo Shijin and Doctor Kang Moyeon overcame everything in order to end up together, real life isn’t always as sweet.

The marriage

We remember Song Joong Ki saying this before, and it really touched our hearts, “I care about my popularity so I decided not to get married not until Song Hye Kyo came into my life and change everything.” We now see that this is true. If you think about it, the two met each other as co-actors in ‘Descendants of the Sun’ which became a big hit in 2016. And they made every one of us believe in forever and in true love when they finally announced in July 2017 that they would tie the knot on the 31st of October that same year. A private outdoor ceremony was held as they both vowed in marriage.

The divorce

The news shocked us, yes. But there have been speculations even before since Song Hye Kyo had appeared in public without her wedding ring on several occasions. The actress had also deleted some photos of Song Joong-ki on her Instagram account. And as much as their personal lives are out of our business, we couldn’t help but wonder!

When the news came in, it still broke our hearts as fans. The couple had issued both their statements about the separation. In Song Joong Ki’s official statement, he shares that instead of “denouncing each other” and throwing the blame, he wishes for the marriage to be ended “amicably”. He added that it is hard to discuss details of his personal life. He also asked for his fans’ support through this and promised to repay the fans through great productions in the future. Song Hye Kyo, on the other hand, revealed that the reason behind the divorce is the differences in their personalities. The two also requested the fans to refrain from “making scandalous posts and speculative comments.”

And we get it, of course. There is no need to be throwing the blame on either two of them. And neither is blaming other people who we think might have been involved, it just won’t fix anything! Fans all over social media also expressed their sadness over the news.

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