Sb19 is really going nowhere but up!

After reaching a series of milestones this year, Filipino boy group SB19 is now getting worldwide recognition! Just this week, they reached new heights by making it to Billboard Social 50 Charts! We are beyond proud of these boys!

Who would have imagined that there would be a Filipino boy band to reign the prestigious Billboard charts? No one until the P-pop sensation, SB19 brought us to that reality. Now, they have worked their way until they eventually notched the second spot on Billboard Social 50 Charts!

Simply put, SB19 is not stopping until they reach their dream of representing Pinoy talent across the globe. What’s even surprising, they are currently doing it in a fast pace!

“People have misunderstood us as a K-pop band, not a P-pop band. But I think what’s more important is how our soul gets into our music. That’s what I think is the most important thing, how we express our music into the P-pop industry. There are a lot of Filipino talents that are under the radar, not just us, but there are a lot of Filipinos who deserve recognition. Maybe we can be one of the stepping stones where we can present Filipino talent to the entire world.” shared SB19’s Josh on an interview with Forbes Magazine.  

In line with that, after they were featured on Forbes Magazine, these boys are also got featured on MTV Asia with their dance video of ‘Love Goes’ from their newly-released album, ‘Get in the Zone‘!


Even when we are in the midst of pandemic, it seems like they are still on a roll, right? Because of these amazing achievements of Josh, Ken, Sejun, Justin and Stell, this boy band is now currently trending in the Philippines on Twitter!

Overall,  this great news is truly one of many proofs that SB19 deserves international stardom because of their passion in music. We cannot wait to see what has SB19 has in store for us!

For now, let’s continue streaming their tracks on Spotify!

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