Independence Day has gone by, but just like everything, the infamous #RP612 has also gotten modern!

Few people know about the history of the hashtag RP612. No judgment! I also did not know what it was before I did a quick Google search. I only know I can read it every June 12! So we did the liberty of checking.

Turns out, the #RP612 has been around since ’09 and was started by a Pinoy mythology writer named Paolo Chikiamco. It is built around the #RP612fic hashtag, and people on Twitter just add up to it each year. For those who don’t get the reference “RP” stands for the Republic of the Philippines, “612” for the date (June 12), and “fic” is just short for the word for fiction.

What is RP612?

RP612 started as alternative storytelling for Philippine history and mythology. Every year, users on Twitter would contribute an entry using the hashtag #RP612fic. So basically, people would tell fictional Philippine history or mythology bits but the stories unfold differently in Tweet-sized stories. Now we understand why that little “fic” was needed in the hashtag!

After three years, #RP612 first got its mainstream media attention in 2012, and since then, it has been a trend both nationwide and worldwide. We have been using the hashtag for a decade now, but it feels like not a very long time. And just like every one of us, the fictional stories posted using these hashtags have definitely grown and evolved. Nowadays, people use memes and other pop culture references to give stories a humorous effect! Let’s take a look at these hilarious RP612 entries from twitter!

To this day, the RP612 is something that we look forward to every year. I actually know people who countdown the hours and minutes from June 11 to 12 in order to be the first ones to participate in the Twitter frenzy! Needless to say, I think that the RP612 has been an integral part of our Independence Day celebrations. We all need a good laugh on a holiday that celebrates Filipino freedom. I mean, that’s what the Pinoys are about– finding happiness in everything! It’s also very amazing to see that a Twitter hashtag could be a way to introduce our history and mythology to today’s generation and the world. Funny and informative, what else could we ask for?

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