VIRAL: Robert Pattinson as Batman! Yay or nay?

From vampire to the dark knight, Robert Pattinson is set to play Batman! Is it a yay or a nay?

We have loved Robert Pattinson as this hot vampire who fell in love with a human. But do we see him donning the popular black cape and cowl that Bruce Wayne sported? There’s not a doubt he can play the role, but fans are divided about it.

Bruce Wayne

Who is Bruce Wayne? As someone who is not an avid comic book reader, I asked myself the same question. Because maybe if we get the answer, we’d be able to make sense as to why Robert Pattinson was the logical choice (or why he isn’t). Now, I’m not very familiar with DC and Batman’s background, but here’s what we know. First, Bruce is the son of Thomas and Martha Wayne who was killed by a masked gunman. I think this became the fuelling motivation for Bruce to swear vengeance against criminals and all things bad. Growing up to be a wealthy playboy, philanthropist, he trained himself to be able to fight criminals in a bat persona which we know as “Batman”.

Why Robert?

Did you know that Batman fans disliked the casting of Robert Pattinson so much that they had to go as far as to sign a petition to remove him from the casting? It’s nearing its 5000-signature goal, and I honestly don’t get the outrage. Why Robert Pattinson? We say why not? Let’s see the criteria. Bruce Wayne is a middle-aged man with good looks. Similarly, the 33-year old actor is equally good looking. And there isn’t a doubt that Robert can give justice to the role. Moreover, we think he’s got that mysterious aura and the physique that comes with Bruce Wayne… and the angular facial features too!

Seriously, comic fans get upset every time casting is announced. Jimmy Kimmel even shared this sentiment and said that there are a lot of more important things to get upset about. To be fair, maybe it’s hard to erase the image of Edward Cullen from our heads, but let’s consider it a good thing that Robert is willing to get out of that steady image and try bolder roles. He’s a brilliant actor anyway, and if you’re one who watched him since ‘Twilight’, then you’d know he’s very capable of playing his characters pretty well.

This being said, we think that Robert Pattinson is definitely Batman material. It’s a big YAY for us! And we couldn’t be excited to see how he will play the role. Is it a yay or a nay for you? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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