In case you missed it, OPM artists took it to the next level as they participated in this year’s April Fool’s Day! They almost had us, almost!

April Fool’s Day may be just for a day, but boy, oh, boy, everybody surely did make the most out of it. And jumping into the bandwagon pranks are our favorite OPM bands and artists.

Everyone’s skeptic and cautious about everything that’s getting posted in the social media space. I mean, we wouldn’t want to look like a fool falling for the crazy antics of our favorite artists on April Fool’s Day. But we still did, well, some of us did. So here are some of our finest OPM artists who participated in the tomfoolery yesterday and caught us up in their web of deceit. P.S. We still love you guys!

Leanne and Narra

The angelic duo, Leanne and Naara, broke our hearts for a bit as they announced that Naara’s leaving. Typical disbandment prank but really, it seemed very heartfelt as Naara narrated that she’s putting her family first before all. The tweet happened a day before April Fool’s Day. But still, fans were hopeful that it was all but just a harmless prank. You can really see how the fans were affected by it. Instead of laughing it off, the replies were downright sad. And before April 1 ended, Leanne and Naara confirmed that everything’s fine!


The ragtag collective of Pusakalye made our #Jadine hearts cry! The band announced the official music video release of their song ‘Kuwento ng Pag-ibig’. And guess who they will feature? None other than James Reid and Nadine Lustre themselves. A great song partnered with one of the best love teams in the country? Yes, please! We all know we’re getting pranked. But we do wish it’s gonna happen!


This might be the worse April Fool’s Day prank yesterday! The sibling duo, Ysanygo, is known for their chill-sounding and catchy tunes that you’ll surely love. Most especially if you’ll play them during road trips or when you’re just plainly relaxing over the weekend. And when Ygo Ferráz, the other half of the duo, tweeted about releasing a whole album, everyone went wild. That’s a full album of songs to cleanse you from all the hugot songs in your playlist. But alas, before it struck 12 am, Ygo confessed that it was all joke. And yes, he bamboozled the joke ’cause he felt bad. (We forgive youuuu!)


A crossover slash collaboration that everyone would love to hear! Munimuni, the makata band, indulged us a bit after sharing that Argee Guerrero of I Belong To The Zoo is joining them. And as much as we would love to, the April Fool’s Day joke overtones was all over it. But we’d really love this happen. Fans are sad and hopeful at the same time, knowing it might be a trap. (I cry!)

This Band

You guys are the worst! (Just kidding!) But yeah! ‘Kahit Ayaw Mo Na’ hitmaker This Band let us into a little secret. They’ll be producing a happy song. And as for a band who’s been known for their hugot songs, fans are excited to be falling in love with a happy song from them. But no, it was a prank all along. I mean, seriously? We wish to hear happy songs from This Band. Maybe not now, maybe sometime in the future. Were we pranked? Or not? We’re all willing to wait!

But wait! FourPlay begs to differ!

Instead of joining the bandwagon, FourPlay shares love with their witty and funny take on April Fool’s Day. The guys of FourPlay knows where their loyalties lie. But they prove to us that they can still be fun without joining in with the other pranksters! Much love to you, FourPlay!

April Fool’s Day may be full of jokes and pranks from local brands in the market. But the pranks of our favorite OPM artists made us more excited. Some of them, we wish it were true. While some of them, meh, not so much. But it was indeed fun because we get to show our favorite artists how much we care and support them. And our idols interacting with us and teasing us was a really great deal for such a crazy day. But on April Fool’s Day, we won’t miss you. See you next year, I guess.

Who got you real good last April Fool’s Day? Which OPM artists’ prank you want to be true? Let us know on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.