When it comes to boy bands, there’s no denying that BTS is one of the biggest of them all. But… do y’all remember One Direction?

BTS: a record-breaking, award-winning, 7-member Korean boy group, versus One Direction: a British boy band who has been in hiatus for a few years already–if you think about it, BTS would probably win because of their appearances all over the world, especially on social media. So when One Direction beat BTS on an online poll by The TYLT for ‘Boy Group of the Decade‘, we were honestly surprised. But also, not too much. 

Check out the results of the poll below.


Screen shot from The TLYT’s poll: ‘Which groups won the decade?’

Amazingly from looking at this poll alone, we knew that One Direction’s fans or the Directioners are still out there. By the hundreds or thousands and even millions of them, they are still supporting the boys considering they have been on hiatus for about three years now.

Just check a tweet from a very proud Directioner below.


Honestly though, as fans of both groups, we completely understand why 1D won by almost a landslide. The boy band comprising Louis, Niall, Liam and Harry has just been super phenomenal during our good ol’ days. Moreover, the music that they shared with us were all really beautiful.

The same could be said for BTS, but we have to accept that not all people listen to K-pop. They are really impactful in a lot of ways, but the whole world doesn’t really understand Korean much. Compared to ‘What Makes You Beautiful‘ and other 1D hits, Korean songs are hard to sing along to.

But again, both boy groups are amazing. Just look at this tweet by a fan below.

How about you though? Are you a Directioner or an Army? What do you think of the results of the poll?

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