We all had our moments when we get fed up with someone and we just want to say “f*ck it”. That’s what H.E.R. exactly felt when she posted this Tweet—Filipino style! And it’s super relatable! Find out more here:

On Thursday, the Grammy Award-winning artist H.E.R. took it to Twitter to share with her fans this particular post saying: “Bahalaka sa Buhay mo.” And we’re not gonna lie, we’re pretty shookt about it. It’s not every day that you get the chance to see a famous singer speak our mother tongue.

In case you didn’t know, “Bahala [ka] sa buhay mo” is a Filipino phrase which means “Go do what you want” or “It’s up to you.” It’s typically said in two manners: one is letting someone else decide and the second one is like you’re just so tired of talking to this person and you just want the conversation to finish.

H.E.R. Filipino roots

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Although we’re not exactly what H.E.R. was feeling when she posted this tweet, still we’re hoping it would be the latter ‘cuz it would be seriously funny!

And you’re probably wondering out of all the languages, why did H.E.R. have to choose Filipino? Well, her mother is apparently of Philippine descent and it’s because of her why H.E.R. started in music.

“I’m half Filipino and Filipinos love karaoke,” she said in an interview. “So yeah, I love to sing, I’ve always been around music my entire life and I just gravitated towards instruments.”

“They were at my house and my dad would rehearse with his band. So yeah, they were just available to me,” she added.

And of course, we’re not the only ones who were surprised by this tweet…

Not only that, someone even made a whole video explaining this Filipino saying…

What do you think of H.E.R. tweeting this iconic Filipino phrase? And do you also have your moments when you’re just exhausted from everything?

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