No this is not a hoax! But fans sure would love to believe that it is. Because Noah Centineo just bleached his beard! And it’s not pretty.

See that cutie up there? Yep, that’s the Noah Centineo we all love and adore. There is no girl on the planet who watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before who hasn’t said, “Damn! That boy is fine!” Or any variation of that. But for some unknown reason, Noah Centineo decided it was a good idea to bleach his beard! You can check out the photos below. But we’re warning you, they’re not pretty.

It’s definitely a look… a bad one.

Why would you go and ruin a perfectly handsome look such as this:

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And replace it with this monstrosity of a beard:


The worst thing is that he didn’t even go full blonde! He didn’t bleach his hair or his eyebrows, just the beard! So how does that even make sense? Who dared you to do this Noah?? Tell us! Plus we’re officially confused if it’s a prank or what. Because then he goes and uploads a video saying that he didn’t bleach his beard. And now we’re just:Image result for jackie chan meme

Here check out the video screengrabbed by a fan:

Yep, well that happened. Now it’s time for me to bury that under things-I-wish-I-never-saw. Oh, sweet sweet Noah, why would you do this to yourself? Not to mention us? When all we’ve done is love you. So now you owe us a lifetime of cute pics, you better get started. But not before you dye your beard back to its perfect brown colour. Now hand us some eye bleach.

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