Such great news, everyone! Noah Centineo for Bench got us all thrilled!

Welcoming our internet boyfriend, Noah Centineo for Bench has everyone excited. Bench has flooded everyone with the great news that our Peter Kavinsky is the new Global Benchsetter. Check out the series of Instagram posts Bench posted for everyone!

Are you ready, 2019?

Bench started out with this teaser. But I’m pretty sure everyone figured out who the new Global Benchsetter is! I mean, come on! Everyone’s been going crazy over Noah Centineo ever since the hit movie ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’.

Who is the next #GlobalBENCHsetter?

It was then followed by another post. And the question on who the newest face of Bench is just ultra super obvious from there, it’s like it’s confirmed already.

Too much teasing, Bench!

After all the teasing, Bench didn’t announce it yet. Instead, they posted another pic and of course, who wouldn’t recognize Noah Centineo’s arms and cute curly hair, right? I know I would.


After a day of teasing, Bench finally graces us with the handsome face of Noah Centineo. Of course, the video includes some quotes. If you’re a true Noah Centineo fan (or stalker), he likes to tweet some quotes. Which obviously inspired the video.

And it doesn’t end there as Bench posts two more of Noah Centineo sporting Bench clothing.

Is he visiting Manila?

Whenever the famous clothing line has a new face as their Global Benchsetter, Bench brings them to the country for a meet and greet most of the time. That’s why whenever there’s some heartthrob being an endorser, everyone gets hyped and crazy.

Not to mention, this other post of Bench truly made everyone crazy!

Get to meet our newest #GlobalBENCHsetter @ncentineo as he captivates hearts all over the Philippines ⚡️ Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on all our profiles for our ultimate internet boyfriend 💘 #NoahCentineoForBENCH#GlobalBENCHsetter

Does it mean what we hope it means? I certainly hope so! And if I were you, I’d stay tuned for more Bench updates. And of course, update yourself for the sequel ‘P.S. I Still Love You‘!

Did you get all crazy for the news of Noah Centineo for Bench? Are you optimistic that he’s visiting the country? Tell us in the comment section below! You can also hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know your reaction!