And just when we thought everything’s going well, Nicola Peltz announces her break-up with Paul Klein.

Amidst the hype for LANY’s concert in the Philippines, actress Nicola Anne Peltz shocks the fans with a revelation. Last February 24, Nicola announces to the world that she is no longer with Paul Klein, LANY’s frontman. However, despite the sudden announcement of the breakup, it seems that the two of them ended the relationship in good terms.

According to the actress, she and Paul have decided to go their separate ways. There are no official statements from Paul after Nicola’s big announcement. But the way Nicola announced the break up seems like it ended in the best-non-catastrophic way possible. Nicola even wishes Paul the best!

Nicola and Paul became an item way back in 2018. Their relationship became a talk of the town since it followed Paul’s heart-wrenching breakup with solo artist, Dua Lipa. Though fans were saddened with the announcement, they were happy that it ended in a good note. On a side note, Nicola even became the muse of the band and she’s on the covers of their single Thru These Tears.

In speaking of the breakup, Paul’s previous break up with Dua Lipa, it left Paul’s heart shattered, including the fans. To which Paul owed the creation of his iconic album, ‘Malibu Nights’ and some songs like ‘Hericane’. Though his breakup with Nicola isn’t as bad as what happened with Dua, fans are curious if there will be a new song paying homage to his relationship with Nicola.

Paul, with his band LANY, will be performing in the Philippines this July for a two-night concert. The concert will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena. This will be the band’s second major concert in the Philippines. It might be wishful thinking, but fans are hoping to hear a new post-breakup song from the band because of this.

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