So it begins. Fellow Blinks and netizens hunt down the guy who” “allegedly” touched Jisoo during Blackpink’s arrival.

Apparently, the whole chaos during Blackpink’s arrival in the Philippines wasn’t the only bad thing that happened. A few hours after the incident at NAIA, Blinks flooded the social media space with photos and videos. Most of them were snippets of Blackpink’s arrival in the country. But one video stood out among the rest. It was a video of a certain guy who” “allegedly” touched Jisoo while she passed by.

A certain @dandan_manahan is getting flamed in both Twitterverse and Facebook Community. After uploading a video during the arrival of Blackpink, netizens began bashing him. In the video, he caught sight of the girls passing by and made a face right after. The caption of the video reads “hahaha. Nahawakan ko yung isa haha ang gaganda!”.

This caught the attention of fans, not only in the Philipines but from all over the world. It triggered them because it sounded perversive. Also, he made a face at the end of the video that somehow annoyed the fans to the bone.  News spread like wildfire and enraged Blinks were on the edge. But that wasn’t the whole story.

What’s the real story

As soon as the video scattered in the social media space, fans called the guy out. However, instead of apologizing, he defended himself.

Daniel Manahan or @dandan_manahan, seemed to be a victim of people overreacting to the video and the caption. After a night of deactivating his account, he voiced out his concerns and defended himself from all the hate he is getting. According to him, the video was intended for his sister and cousin who are fans of Blackpink. He never touched Jisoo or any of the girls. He just zoomed in his camera while taking the video. And the face that he made at the end was to annoy his sister and cousin.

He only uploaded the video in his Twitter account to share with his friends who want to see the girls arriving. But he didn’t expect that people would take it in a negative way.

So far, his accounts are up again and he wants the misunderstanding to be cleared. Hope this issue clears up so we can stop all the hate.

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