VIRAL: Netflix “You” Cast is in Manila!

Netflix “You” Cast is in Manila! Yup, Shay Mitchell and Penn Badgley are in the country and we are shaking!

The new series currently airing in the streaming platform has been making waves in the industry, especially in the Philippines. And to hype up fans even more, the Netflix “You” Cast is in Manila!

Photos and updates of Shay Mitchell (plays Peaches in ‘You’) and Penn Badgley (lead character Joe) has been circulating nonstop in different social media platforms. To keep you updated, here’s what’s going down as these stars visit Manila.

Press Conference

The “In Conversation With YOU” Press Conference happened earlier at The Peninsula Manila.

Spotted! Lonely Boy showing off the iconic heart sign in front of a huge crowd. Who knew Dan Humphrey could switch the spotlight to himself and away from our IT girl Serena?

Don’t get that reference? Get out of here! Lol kidding. That reference is from the hit series ‘Gossip Girl’, in which Penn Badgley was one of the main characters. He played the character of Dan Humphrey a.k.a. Lonely Boy. It’s quite interesting actually, the similarities of Penn Badgley’s role in ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘You’ as Joe Goldberg is undeniable!

Both characters are outsiders, bookworms, and… (Spoiler of Gossip Girl alert!). Both are such stalkers!!! Basically, Joe Goldberg is just a “violent” version of Dan Humphrey a.k.a. the gossip girl, if you’d ask me. Which is really exciting while watching the new Netflix series.

You think you can get away from me by going to another country? You should know better. I’m always watching. And I know everything. -A

Don’t get that reference as well? Come on, keep up! That’s from the series ‘Pretty Little Liars’ where I first fell in love with actress Shay Mitchell who plays Emily Fields. She’s one of the main characters and nope, she’s not a lil b*tch in that series unlike her role in ‘You’ as Peach Salinger.

In ‘Pretty Little Liars’, Shay Mitchell’s role is kind of similar with ‘You’. She was also being stalked by someone and yes, she also had the same kind of love interest in both series. But I’m not spilling!

“In Conversation With YOU” Press Conference event was hosted by none other than the gorgeous Joyce Pring. And here are some of the highlights from the event that I’m sure you want to check out!


Halo-Halo ingredients! Yum!

That’s how Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell described their relationship. They mix well just like Halo-Halo ingredients! Awww, sweet!

Speaking of Halo-Halo…

The internet universe is totally loving this photo of Shay and Penn devouring a humongous Filipino dessert!

“Mahal namin kayo.”

Awwww we so love you two too, guys!

AHHH, that stalker voice tho

Thanks a lot, Joyce Pring, for making Penn Badgley sample out his oozingly sexy stalker voice!

Fan meeting!

Who wants to meet Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell? Me me me! And I know you do too!

The fan meeting is happening tomorrow at The Greenbelt Gallery at Greenbelt 5 at 6 PM! The special fan event will definitely be extra amazing. Because the venue will be transformed to look like the “Mooney’s Bookstore” from the series. It’s where the lead character, Joe Goldberg, works and where he meets the girl he was so “crazy” for.

Not only would fans get to meet the stars, but they would also have the ultimate experience by getting the overall vibe of the psychological thriller series!

Netflix “You” Cast is in Manila is awakening the stalker in us! What’s your favorite moment of the cast being in the country so far? Are you going to the special fan meeting event? Fangirl with us in the comment section below. Or better yet, send us a message on our  Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know how you feel with Shay Mitchell and Penn Badgley being here!

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