After her walkout incident during a concert, Morissette finally speaks up on what truly happened. Find out more here!

On November 6, Morissette was supposed to headline at the birthday concert of Kiel Alo. Minutes before her turn, she apparently walked out of the stage.

Morissette took it to her Instagram on Monday to share her sentiments and apologize to Kiel Alo and his manager Jobert Sulcadito. She goes on by saying: “With much prayer and as I have never done this before, pls let me start by saying sorry.”

“To Tito Jobert, and Kiel Alo who was celebrating his birthday concert at the Music Museum that night, what I’ve done was out of character but I still do take full responsibility,” she added.

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Before the show, Morissette was interviewed about the controversy surrounding her father and boyfriend. She explained that the questions got the best of her emotions, leading up to the walkout incident.

“This private matter is something I purposely did not want to openly share for fear that healing might not prosper between us,” Morissette said.

However, she believes it wasn’t fair for her fans considering that whatever may happen the show must still go on.

Family issues

Ever since February, there were speculations that Morissette Amon and her father, Amay Amon, were in a not-so-good relationship because of her of boyfriend, Dave Lamar

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For the past few months, Amay Amon has been posting indirect comments on Twitter which many believe was about Dave. He even implied that her daughter somehow “eloped” with Dave.

Morissette ended her message by asking everyone for their prayers as she and her family attempt to resolve their problems.

“I feel for all those who are going through the same thing and just want to remind you, as I have been reminded, that we are not alone,” she said.

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