Whenever Miss Universe is up, you can guarantee that there will be hilarious jokes about it. So here are the top Miss Universe Memes that made the pageant another level of fun!

The recent Miss Universe 2018 has been such a roller coaster ride for us. It was indeed a big win, not only for our own Catriona Gray but for the whole nation itself. But the aftermath of the pageant was the best. Hilarious memes sprouted from the prestigious pageant that will surely make you laugh!

Since we Filipinos love making memes out of everything, we surely did not miss the possible Miss Universe memes. And there’s no stopping to the avalanche of memes. So let’s get going!

Miss Universe Introduction

Who would not make the iconic memes for the candidates’ introduction? Almost everyone has their own version of puns behind every country’s intro. But the wittiest remain at the top!

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We even have a video version of the Miss Universe introductions! If you’re familiar with Macoy Dubs and his out-of-this-world dubbed videos, then he made one just for Miss U! Check it out down below!

Catriona Gray Memes

Of course, our new Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray has her fair share of memes. I mean, her victory has a lot of remarkable moments that are in dire need of jokes. And we can’t ignore the little things in the pageant that spark up our laugh bones.

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But wait, there’s more! We have prominent brands in the market congratulating the queen herself. And their congratulations are damn straight hilarious. Here are some of the messages she got! (Salute to the copywriters and social media handlers!)

These are just a few of the memes in the social media. These Miss Universe memes are dank as hell and we want more! We’re excited for the next memes to come from any events that the Philippines is involved. We need some good laughs, people!

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