You can now drive safely with the guidance of Mimiyuuuh on Waze

Skrrrt! Drive safely and happily on the roads with the guidance of Mimiyuuuh, the iconic Dalagang Pilipina vlogger.

If you happen to drive and are also a fan of the vlogger Mimiyuuuh, then you should probably be checking the Waze app now! Because there, you can now choose the iconic ‘Dalagang Pilipina‘ social media star as your voice guide. Along with telling people directions that they should follow to go to their destination, Mimiyuuuh will also hilariously make your journey worthwhile with her funny punchlines and her sound effects. SKKKRT!

The second Filipino celeb on Waze

Last September, Waze added the very first Filipino celebrity on their voice options. Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018, blessed us with her elegant and classy yet playful aura as she guided drivers on the go. Now, Mimiyuuuh joins the beauty queen in the roster with her own version of the directions.

Our question is: can she keep up with our expectations?

The answer is pretty obvious by now though. Because every frickin’ time that we watch Mimiyuuuh and her videos, we just can’t help but burst out in wholesome laughter. In case that you don’t drive though and just want to hear how ‘yuOr LOcq4l j3j3 gHuÖrl‘ pulls off the navigation thingy, check some tweets of users below!

Damn, Mimiyuuuh is just super hilarious! With her every ‘SKRRRT’ and her vocal kulots, she really has the power to make us laugh even on a really sad day. Her energy and her humor is remarkable, and we are really thankful that she helps make the country even just a bit brighter and happier.

What do you think of Mimiyuuuh being the newest Filipino voice on Waze? Do you find this news hilarious? Let us know your thoughts or opinions by sharing them through the comments down below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.

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