Mimiyuuuh just did a video collab with fellow Youtuber, Benedict Cua, and it isn’t anything like we’ve seen before! Beware of their not-so-wholesome ONE NIGHT STAND CHALLENGE!

On Wednesday, Mimiyuuuh and Benedict Cua uploaded a video on their Youtube channels showing their One Night Stand Challenge. And when we say one-night stand, we mean literally standing up the whole night!

In their not-so-wholesome video, we can see them cracking up dirty jokes *smirks* and being their usual selves. Mimiyuuuh–shining bright like a diamond with her bubbly attitude and witty humor. While Benedict Cua isn’t one to be left out by Mimiyuuuh by throwing in some of his own humor. Plus, that sweet smile of his!

Mimiyuuuh Benedict Cua

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The night went on with them doing crazy stunts and bits to keep them busy. And to an extent, even washing each other’s hair! Talk about mashing up some one-of-a-kind content! Benedict also taught Mimiyuuuh some Chinese words like “didi” which means brother. But Mimiyuuuh had a different thing in mind!

Mimiyuuuh had a thing or two to teach to Benedict Cua as they performed the iconic dance routine of Girltrends for ‘How Do You Sleep?’ by Sam Smith.

But don’t get them wrong though, their videos are purely for content sake and their not together in a romantic way or so we wish (LOL). They’re just friends!

It was an action-packed night for both of them. And if you’re missing out on what we’re talking about, feel free to watch it here:

This isn’t the first time the two had a video collaboration. And this isn’t certainly the only time they made us laugh. If you want more videos from them, check them out here!

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