Congratulations to Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo! But wait, is it true that they have been engaged since last year?

Last night, Matteo Guidicelli took to Instagram to announce his forever commitment to Sarah Geronimo. Of course, many celebrity friends and fans were delighted by this news. After all, they have been dating for over 5 years already. But did you know that rumors are circulating that they have in fact, been engaged since November last year?

Before that though, let’s marvel again at the sweet photo of Matteo and Sarah in the Instagram post below.

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I love you my love, now and forever. ❤️

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They look so happy together, ‘no? Congratulations once again to the AshMatt couple!

Now on to the wholesome rumor…

While people were saying all these remarks about how the couple will FINALLY tie the knot, Matteo‘s younger brother Paolo Guidicelli was apparently doing something else. On a now-deleted Instagram story, he smugly revealed that they actually have been engaged for a year already. What’s more amusing for him is that, in his words, “no one found out”.

Check out the photos from his IG stories below.

Paolo Guidicelli IG Stories 1

That “HAHAHHA” is super hilarious though!

We can somehow feel the pride he felt keeping a secret that only he knew about.

Paolo Guidicelli IG Stories 2

Apparently, the IG story above was the one wherein he edited out the part where he said “they were engaged for about a year now”. Likewise, fans also believe this and think that Matteo has actually proposed last 2018.

Whatever the truth is though, we are just really happy for the couple! They can reveal if ever they were really engaged last year, but they could also keep it a secret. After all, it’s their relationship and we should respect their privacy.

Again, congratulations to Matteo and Sarah!

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