If you caught the attention of the Filipinos, there’s definitely no escaping their witty memes! But this time, let’s talk about how Marian RIvera’s Unfaithful broke the internet.

No matter who you are, that won’t be able to shield you from humorous memes and videos from the interwebs. And that’s why it’s not much of a shock that even famous actress Marian Rivera’s Unfaithful broke the internet. And you know that whether you are on Facebook or Twitter, this meme is definitely hard to miss!

So if you haven’t been on the internet for sometime, don’t worry. We have Marian Rivera’s performance of ‘Unfaithful’ that everybody can’t seem to move on from!

DYK? This Marian Rivera ‘Unfaithful’ cover with Glaiza de Castro and Rafael Rosell was performed way back summer of 2013! Why it’s trending now? Simply because Filipinos #NEVERFORGET!

Filipinos on a roll with memes

These memes created by witty Filipinos are definitely funny as they interpret Marian Rivera’s lyric version of ‘Unfaithful’ originally sang by world-class performer Rihanna.

From Philosophy (not psychology, this time!)

To interviewee

Seems like people won’t be singing ‘Unfaithful’ any other way for some time now besides Marian’s version!

Filipinos’ witty editing talents

What’s even more funny as compared to those memes are these edited videos! Filipinos surely devotes their time and effort to make other people laugh, don’t they?

Blackpink x Dua Lipa x Marian Rivera

What’s even a Blackpink x Dua Lipa collaboration without our very own Marian Rivera, right?

Taylor Swift and Marian Rivera, who?

Forget Taylor Swift for a minute! Because the old Marian Rivera can’t come to the phone right now.


‘Story Of My Life’ by One Direction… Or is it by Marian Rivera?

You all know One Direction’s hit song ‘Story Of My Life,’ but have you heard Marian Rivera’s version?

‘Unfaithful’ by Rihanna! Wait… what?

This has got to be our favorite edit! The performance video of ‘Unfaithful’ by original singer Rihanna was dubbed using Marian Rivera’s cover.

Original video (without Marian dub):

Loving these memes and edited videos? Well it seems like a lot of people do! Because even Philstar Global didn’t pass on the chance to keep up with the trend for their Marian Rivera article.

‘Story of my life’: Marian Rivera shares second pregnancy details

The witty headline states. Read the full article here.

The Filipino Humor

Filipinos being their witty selves wouldn’t let the opportunity pass to create memes over anything that peaks their interest. Sometimes, that even means digging up the past and bringing it back to produce hilarious commentaries and videos.

Humor and resilience are two of the unique traits that Filipinos are known to have. No wonder they could come up with amazing jokes so easily!

Having a Marian Rivera ‘Unfaithful’ last song syndrome like we are? Don’t worry, we have a subbed full video performance as our last treat for you all! #LSS

Marian Rivera’s Unfaithful broke the internet, don’t you agree? What do you think of this performance and all the witty remarks? Do you have memes or edited videos you want to see here? Let us know in the comment section below! Or better yet, send us a message in our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh! We’d love to connect with you!