VIRAL: Marcus Adoro accused of abuse by daughter Syd Hartha

Singer Syd Hartha and ex-partner Barbara Ruaro accuses Eraserheads’ former lead guitarist Marcus Adoro of abuse.

In a social media post by singer Syd Hartha, she narrates a story about the abuse that she has gone through, allegedly because of her father Marcus Adoro. Adoro is the former lead guitarist for famous OPM rock band Eraserheads.

We are warning you for triggering details and photos, but check out the singer‘s full Facebook post here. However, if you want to know the story without seeing screenshots of Adoro’s threats and his harsh words, here is a summary of the controversial issue.


Syd Hartha’s story

Syd Hartha discusses in her post about how fifteen years of Marcus’s absence made her want to get to know her father better. However, after communicating with Makoy (Adoro’s nickname) for almost a year, she knew life is a lot better without him. She even discloses that her mother and other relatives always stood in the way of them meeting each other, and now she knows why.

He is an abuser in many ways. Makoy would hit her head on the wall, sometimes even in front of her friends or while her mother had turned her back. Syd Hartha also lost a lot of people close to her because of Marcus’s manipulative words. But somehow, he would always win her back.

The singer explains that she was just really longing for his love and attention that she forgot to take care of herself. Nonetheless, she now realizes that she should’ve done better and she’s warning us that Marcus Adoro might be anywhere, “doing what else who knows what”.

But that’s not all, because, in the screenshots posted by Syd Hartha, she is talking to Barbara Ruaro, another alleged victim of Makoy.

Barbara Ruaro’s story

This is indie actress Barbara Ruaro’s Instagram post on the abuse that she has gone through the hands of her previous partner, one she did not choose to name. But because of Syd Hartha’s post, we are now all thinking of the same person: Marcus Adoro.

In another post, you can see her saying she will hold her abuser accountable.

Correspondingly, in an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) last September 9, Barbara Ruaro says that she has already filed a case against the suspect. Other than that, she has declined to discuss further details.

Justice for the victims

We are hoping for the best for both Syd Hartha and Barbara Ruaro. Victims of abuse are often kept quiet because of fear, but these two have bravely chosen to speak up and even warn us about Marcus Adoro or people like him in general.

The suspect has not yet given a statement on the issue but will be facing charges if confirmed violating R.A. 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children act.

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