Today, Marcelito Pomoy is trending once again. Bringing pride once again to our country, he just finished as 3rd runner-up at “AGT: The Champions“!

It is true when they say that aside from our bright personalities, Filipinos are really talented. Marcelito Pomoy, who was a part of the roster for “America’s Got Talent: The Champions“, is a golden example for our statement. With his dual voice, he has wowed even foreign audiences right from the start of his journey in the American talent competition.

After the grand finals that happened today though, we are just really beaming with pride to share that the Filipino singer was able to get the title as 3rd runner-up at the said contest. Congratulations Marcelito Pomoy! 

Check out the announcement from “AGT: The Champions” below.

The acrobatic dance group V. Unbeatable proved themselves and their name as they were announced to be the new winner of the show. The other winners are Sandou Trio Russian Bar as 4th runner-up, Tyler Butler-Figueroa as 2nd runner-up and Duo Transcend finished as 1st runner-up.

The Journey to the Finals

Before the inevitable Grand Finals of the latest America’s Got Talent show, it seems like Marcelito Pomoy had no plans on disappointing anyone as he again impressed the judges during the semi-finals with his performance of the Andrea Bocelli classic, “Con Te Partiro” or “Time to Say Goodbye“.

In case you missed the chance to check out his goosebump-inducing piece though, watch it with us by simply playing the Youtube clip below!

With that phenomenal performance, it is undeniable that he really has a talent like no other. Now, it is just thrilling that he was able to receive the recognition he rightfully deserves from audiences all over the world. Check out some tweets of some netizens below!

The Final Performance

Meanwhile, for the finals Marcelito sang the classic “Beauty and the Beastby Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson, which was a choice by judge Simon Cowell. Many people were taken aback by the judge himself though when he ended up commenting that Marcelito’s last performance was “predictable“.

Of course, we beg to differ. See for yourself Marcelito Pomoy’s final performance for “AGT: The Champions” by playing the YouTube clip below.

Nevertheless, during today’s final show, we could see that Marcelito Pomoy was also just really glad to share his talent with the world. After all, a lot of people from different countries were able to witness his unique talent and recognized him for it. As his wife who joined him on stage after the announcement said, “he just wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much to everybody. This is a big opportunity for him. Thank you so much.” 

Of course as Filipinos, we are also just really proud of Marcelito considering the journey that he took. For sure, it was not easy and yet he was able to win a lot of people’s hearts with his voice. Likewise, AGT judge Heidi Klum thinks so too as she addresses her statement below to the Filipino dual-voice singer.

“I love you so much. You have the most beautiful voice. I should actually say the most beautiful voices inside of you. You are a champion. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us.”

Again, we just want to congratulate Marcelito Pomoy for finishing strong, and we wish him all the best in the journeys he has yet to take!

Bonus clip from ‘AGT: The Champions’ Encore: We Are The Champions

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