Ever wondered what the Pinoy version of the ‘Money Heist’ cast would look like? Well, this Facebook user got us wondering no more!

Facebook user, Reece Hugo, took it to the social media platform to serve us a handful of laughs with his Pinoy version of the cast of the Spanish crime-thriller, ‘Money Heist‘. He shared a post containing a series of personalities that would be very much fitting to portray the original ‘Money Heist’ cast. The hilarious post received almost 13,000 reactions and 17,000 shares!

If you want to see the “Money Haixt” list, here it is! And a little precaution, the last photo will blow your mind!

#1 Christopher de Leon as El Profesor

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El Profesor is the genius behind the biggest heist the world has ever seen. If ‘Money Heist’ was set in the Philippines, Christopher De Leon would actually be our top pick in representing our Profesor. Christopher’s glasses and beard are on par with the original Profesor’s and we approve!

#2 Tirso Cruz III as Berlin

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Do you imagine Tirso Cruz III portraying one of our favorite characters, Berlin? Well, we can! We’re already seeing Tirso rocking that well-put-together look of Berlin’s with his suit and tie. Will he be our new daddy crush?

#3 Julia Barreto as Tokyo

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Julia Barreto as Tokyo would be the unlikeliest portrayal we can see, considering that Julia has that innocent and pure look. While Tokyo, as we all know, has an explosive character. But we’re not shutting down the possibility of seeing Julia in a new light. Wouldn’t you too?

#4 Gerald Anderson as Rio

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Hmm. Gerald Anderson as our sweet and lovable Rio? I’m sorry Gerald but we’re not on board regarding that matter. It’s not that we hate we Gerald but isn’t he a little old to portray our Rio? And he’s not exactly what you would first think of to have that boy-next-door vibe. Thank you, next!

#5 Ramon Bautista as Denver

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If you’re here for laughs, we’re going all in. The one and only Ramon Bautista as Denver? Although we see that there’s definitely a resemblance, we can only expect ‘Money Heist’ turning into a comedy action film. And let’s talk about Ramon Bautista doing Denver’s iconic laugh? Hilarious! Do you agree?

#6 Alessandra De Rossi as Nairobi

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Alessandra De Rossi as strong woman Nairobi who’s keeping everyone in check is a go for us! We can’t wait to see her sporting that slicked-back hairstyle and rocking the iconic red jumpsuit!

#7 Atty. Larry Gadon as Arturito

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Here’s the star of the show! Atty. Larry Gadon as Arturo or famously known as Arturito. They’re outstandingly a look-alike but this one is almost too good to believe. Still, Atty. Gadon might consider the role since he’s obviously game for anything. We can already see the headlines: “Atty. Larry Gadon dives into an acting career”

This what-could-be cast is truly in another level! Seeing them together on the big screen would truly be exceptional. Ehem–Netlix–ehem, would it possible to turn this dream of ours into reality? Pretty please.

If you want more, catch the full Pinoy cast here!

Money Heist is currently in the making of its season 4 and is set to release on by the end of 2019. So go ahead and watch it now to know what we’re talking about!

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