As if our hearts aren’t broken enough with LANY’s songs, Paul Klein now had the idea of collaborating with Taylor Swift!

We feel like we aren’t ready to cry yet, but LANY doesn’t have to wait for us to be prepared. We came to know the band as they wrote about the beauty and reality of being in love (and falling in love). But now, seemingly they have turned their music around by releasing songs with words lined with pain. And this is all based on experience.

When we talk about writing breakup songs, an artist always comes to mind. Of course, it’s none other than Tayor Swift. Just recently, LANY’s frontman Paul Jason Klein wrote on Twitter:

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we don’t all agree with this. LANY has been writing beautiful songs which are so raw and based on experience. And I wouldn’t want to drag another person’s name in this, but… since singer Dua Lipa and Paul broke up, and model Nicola Peltz and Paul also broke up, this boy probably has a lot he wants to say.

Similarly, Taylor has made a reputation for writing heartbreaking songs which just makes you want to cry on the floor sometimes, and people often joke that she has a song for every guy she dated.

Needless to say, when it comes to heartbreaks, these two win the art of making it sound really painful and beautiful at the same time. I think the reason is that it really comes from the heart. These songs are not somebody else’s stories, they are their own. Not that there’s anything wrong about it, though. That’s what music is, letting out how you feel. LANY and Taylor Swift just happened to be very good at doing just that.

And you know what? Paul Jason Klein might actually be a Swiftie at heart. At least his IG stories tell us so.

We were there through thick and thin, even playing their songs while eating pancakes under pink skies, but hey, who says we can stop there? I don’t know about you, but this collaboration does not sound like a very bad idea! We’re not sure when it’s going to happen, though, but we’re all for it!

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