Uh-oh! Kylie Jenner has been spotted with ex-beau, Tyga, after her recent breakup with Travis Scott!

It’s throwback Thursday, everyone! And speaking of which, do you remember Kylie Jenner and Tyga being in a relationship before? Apparently, they were seen last Tuesday night hanging around with each other! What’s even more shocking is that Kylie and her baby daddy, Travis Scott have agreed to call it quits. In the meantime that is.


Reports say Kylie Jenner and her gal pals were having a night out when they pulled over The Sunset Marquis where Tyga was also recording in the hotel’s studio. Coincidence, anyone? When Tyga heard Kylie and her friends were also there, he asked them to stay and have a few drinks.

“He was with a few of their mutual friends at Sunset Marquis and invited Kylie and her girlfriends to come hangout, since they were already out.”

Hold your horses

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Talk about major news! But let’s not get them wrong, according to sources, they were just together as friends and there’s nothing much to it. Furthermore, ever since their split in 2017, Kylie and Tyga “have been in touch” but not quite often.

So it’s safe to say that no one would be sinking our Kylie and Travis ship (at least for now). Even more, the two have also clarified that even though their relationship is “complicated” they would still co-parent their daughter, Stormi Webster, seeing she is their top priority.

We all know the Kardashians live for drama but Kylie and Tyga meeting may just be pure coincidence, so let’s not make a big deal out of it! It’s good to see how two exes can still be friends. And it’s even better to know that Kylie and Travis have their responsibilities straightened out even if they’re taking some time apart. If you liked this story, make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates!

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