Filipino rom-com film ‘Kita Kita’ gets an Indonesian remake etitled ‘Cinta Itu Buta’ (love is blind)!

‘Kita Kita’ (2017) was a sleeper-hit film which starred Empoy Marquez and Alessandra de Rossi. The said movie was positively received in the Philippines because of their unusual but effective pairing. We honestly still remember the moment we watched ‘Kita Kita’ in the cinemas and we can’t help laughing! Of course, there was also a lot of kilig.

But hell, we all remember how it ended though. *cue Two Less Lonely People, KZ Tandingan version*

Now, two years after, it is getting an Indonesian adaptation titled ‘Cinta Itu Buta”! Wow, what an impact.

Kita Kita’s Theatrical Release Poster 

Love is blind

Indonesian actors Shandy Aulia and Dodit Mulyanto, replacing the roles and character names of Alessandra and Empoy, will act as Diah (previously Lea) and Nik (Tonyo).

Funnily enough, Dodit Mulyanto really strikes a bit of resemblance to Empoy! We assume that he can also bring tons of laughter to the cinema when the movie comes out in Indonesia on October 10

Watch the trailer for ‘Cinta Itu Buta’ here!

By watching the trailer, we could see that a lot of things remained the same—the fiancé, the heart outfit, Diah being a tour guide and her becoming blind, etc. Of course, some things have also notably changed in the Indonesian remake.

First, the original setting of Sapporo, Japan was replaced with Busan, Korea. We hope they don’t ride a train though. We all know what happened in the Train to Busan. YIKES. Other than that, the fiancé character who used to be Japanese also sensibly became Korean. And a handsome one at that.

However, a scene in the trailer which shows Diah’s ex-fiancé confronting Nik saying “you again” was new. We didn’t see that in the original version. Will they have a love triangle, with the ex going after Diah again? We aren’t really sure.

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We are super excited for this though!

Upon watching the trailer, we didn’t see any chemistry between the actors yet, but that was also the case between Alessandra and Empoy. Nobody really expected that we would feel kilig and not cringe at their romantic scenes.

Also, we are looking forward to twists that may be pulled off in the Indonesian remake. Please surprise us!

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