Love is definitely in the air! This Valentine’s Day, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s engagement fills everyone with love. About damn time!

After years of their on-and-off dating, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announced their engagement to the world. It was during Valentine’s Day when the said proposal happened. Katy’s mother, Mary Hudson posted on Facebook of what seems to be the engagement party.

Afterwards, Katy herself confirmed the rumors of the engagement after posting on Instagram. Orlando captioned it “full bloom”. On the other hand, Orlando posted the same snap on his Instagram account with the caption “Lifetimes”.

The pop star posted a picture of her and Orlando Bloom on Instagram. In the picture, you can see Katy flaunting bejeweled flower-inspired ring on her finger. The ring has a floral design, with a pink jewel on the center. According to reports, Orlando has been planning to propose for a while now. And when he proposed, it really shocked Katy, especially since it’s a Valentine’s Day proposal. Orlando even asked for permission from Katy’s parents before popping the question to the pop star.

The ring costs around $5 million dollars. However, that’s not the only catch about the ring. Apparently, paparazzi and fashionistas spotted the similarity of Katy’s ring with supermodel Miranda Kerr’s engagement ring, Orlando’s former wife. Both rings have the same flower-inspired design. No one knows if this was on purpose or Orlando just follows a flower/Bloom inspiration for it. Nevertheless, everyone is delighted for the engagement and is looking forward to their big wedding day.

This would be the second marriage for both Katy and Orlando. Katy was married to Russel Brand way back in 2010 until they split last 2012. Orlando, on the other hand, married Miranda Kerr before and has an eight-year-old son, Flynn.

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