Sweaty hands and moody mornings. Kathryn Bernardo unveils a Daniel Padilla as we’ve never seen him before in an “extra cheesy” anniversary letter, and it moved us all to tears!

We have loved Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla and their natural chemistry on-screen. Movies after movies, the tandem always made us swoon and smile and laugh and cry. As celebrities, they have lived most of their life in front of the camera, and it can be easy to draw controversies and have our own interpretations about each move they make. But we also do always wondered how they are in real life– bare, with no cameras following them, no fans to impress, just being real. Now we think we finally have a glimpse of it.

The two have been both private and proud of their relationship. They don’t hide it, but we don’t see every detail, of course. And whenever rumors of them having problems surface, we often think to ourselves if that could be true. Could it be that under all the glam and the perfect facade is a relationship struggling? From Daniel, we learned that yes, they face struggles, but you don’t just stay in the relationship when things are going good. They always chose to stay.

7 years of love

While Kathryn may be doing films with other leading men, the two never fell short of our dose of “kilig” vibes. Daniel has reportedly flown to Hong Kong to surprise his “tangi” and it seemed like they missed each other so much! We already know they love each other so much, but a couple of days ago, Kathryn found another reason to shout it out to the world. In an Instagram post, she bared the real Daniel Padilla and how thankful she is that she has him.

This post only showed us that while they may be famous, they love like all of us just the same. It only gets more endearing with each swipe! Kathryn’s post revealed how Daniel is her “dream guy and reality guy at the same time”.

And of course, we fans couldn’t keep quiet about it! The Twitterverse was filled with well-wishers and admirers all the same!

7 years. We can now believe that them staying together for that long is a choice, and we know it wasn’t always easy. This being said, Kathryn and Daniel have really come a long way in their relationship, which makes us all root for them even more!

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